Varicocele Surgery Risks

Varicocele Surgery:
Is It Worth It?

Make an informed decision.

Think Critically: Make an Informed Decision.

Surgery (Varicocelectomy) Is Not a Cure 

  • Only 6-14% of those who undergo surgery attain a fertility benefit. 
  • Surgery is neither effective nor recommended for pain relief. 
  • Cutting out swollen veins is not curing them, and it does Not address the real problem. 
  • Surgical results are questionable. 
  • Surgery is a high risk procedure. 
  • A successful operation does not mean that you have recovered. 

While the benefits of surgery are uncertain, the risks are very real. Be critical, ask lots of questions, and make an informed decision before committing to a permanent procedure that could injure you for life.

Benefits of Varicocelectomy & Embolization

The reported 20-40% improvement in semen parameters is not associated with successful pregnancy. The best results for surgery state that for every 7 people who undergo surgery, only 1 additional pregnancy will be attained. You’re more likely to suffer from negative side-effects than to have any benefit from varicocele surgery. The following tables assess the real benefits and risks of surgery:

The Risks of Varicocele Surgery & Embolization

There are many severe risks associated with varicocele surgery. I advise that you carefully consider the pros & cons before making your decision. You can also learn more about how surgery is likely not effective at all.

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