Varicocele Pain Relief

Super Important! Why Do I Have Less Pain in the Morning?

Well, look, if you have less pain in the morning, then, I can help you cure your pain! It means that YES, You Can Treat Your Varicocele Pain--What it takes is to: Correct the specific lifestyle, physiological, and environmental risk factors that caused your pain in the first place! We will only discuss lifestyle factors here.

Having less pain in the morning also means that at a minimum… sleeping works for pain relief!

Two key points to consider:

  • Daily Lifestyle Risk Factors: When you rest at night, your testicles and veins finally have a chance to recover from the day’s lifestyle risk factors, and heal! This healing reduces or cures pain.
  • Gravity and Testicular Blood Drainage: When sitting or standing upright, there is more downward pressure from gravity which pools blood in your varicocele. So, when you lay down, the blood can circulate with more ease (does Not have to work against gravity). This allows the testicular blood to circulate better and for your testicles to heal.

So, we now have some good insights that will help us in curing our varicocele pain! Yes, making specific lifestyle changes is critical. No, you are Not doomed to lay down forever. Varicocele pain is actually easy to completely cure–when you know WHAT TO DO. What you have to do is to make specific lifestyle changes, & improve testicular blood circulation. I outline simple steps here, and provide comprehensive steps in the Varicocele Healing Guide. 

Learn about our comprehensive varicocele pain treatments.



Quickly: Why Does Varicocele Pain Increase as the Day Goes On?

Varicocele pain increases as the day goes on because of 2 factors:

  1. Varicocele pools toxic blood that damages the testicles
  2. Poor lifestyle risk factors contribute to pain

So, to treat varicocele pain, we need to both improve testicular blood circulation and make specific lifestyle changes.  Again, I outline specific pain relief treatments on my blogs, and offer step-by-step comprehensive treatments.



A Few “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Varicocele Pain:

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