Test Post 1 Varicocele Yoga Video Series

Sanskrit Name: Viparita Karani
Difficulty: 1/10
Treatment Effeteness: 10/10

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Over the past 7 years, I have helped over 30,000 men treat varicocele, and inversions are a treatment that has worked for almost every single one of them! The most effective inversion by far has been the legs up the wall pose.

Hook: Learn how inversions and Legs Up the Wall can help support and enhance your varicocele and infertility treatment!

During upright posture, blood flowing from the legs and hips back up to the heart needs to fight against the pull of gravity. Inversions work because instead of blood fighting against the pull of gravity, it drain more effectively with the aid of gravity! [1]

Placing your legs up the wall creates an inversion in your legs and hips.

Treatment Benefits

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The legs up on the wall pose is one of the best Yoga asanas for both testicular health and varicocele. I recommend this asana for almost all of my varicocele clients. It is a great inversion pose and therefore helps improve blood circulation in the lower body. The best thing about it is that not only is it very beneficial, but it’s one of the easiest poses to hold for many minutes for maximum benefit.


Asana Benefits

  • Improves testicular blood circulation
  • Aids in cooling the testicles
  • Removes toxin buildup from blood pooling
  • Calms the mild, alleviates stress and stimulates fertility

How to Perform

  • Simply put your feet up on the wall
  • Hold this position for 5-15 minutes
  • Perform daily, or as needed

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